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This module produces the WCB report for YTD's and for an entered pay period range (Quarter). It may be viewed as a summary only or showing employee details.

The WCB rates can be set in either the 'WCB Rates Tab' in the Division Maintenance application or via the WCB Rates application usually found on the Pay Tables tab of the main menu.

The following examples show the logic used when creating Batch pay records.


    For each employee being processed:
  1. Add a new pay record.
  2. Scan the employee's earning transactions and total WCB earnings for paycodes that are flagged as WCB Earnings.
  3. Find the most current WCB Rate using the employee's Division and the Pay Period being processed.
    ie; For each WCB_Rate record for the Division
    if Period being processed >= to Effective Period of the WCB Rate record then WCB Rate = rate of WCB_Rate record

  4. Find the employee's YTD WCB Earnings and adjust WCB Earnings for any excess.
    ie; Assume 70,000.00 max Wcb Earnings and a rate of 3 %
    a. Employee's Current WCB Earnings $ 2,500.00
    YTD WCB Earnings $ 25,000.00
    Total WCB Earnings $ 30,000.00 <-- No excess
    Calc Prem on all WCB Earnings $ 2,500.00
    WCB Premium $ 75.00
    b. Employee's Current WCB Earnings $ 2,500.00
    YTD WCB Earnings $ 69,000.00
    Total WCB Earnings $ 71,500.00
    Yearly Max WCB Earnings $ 70,000.00
    Excess $ 1,500.00
    Calc Prem on adjusted Earnings $ 1,000.00 (2,500.00 - 1,500.00)
    WCB Premium $ 30.00
  5. Calculate the WCB premium and save values in the Pay Record. These are the totals that will appear in the Cheque Register and the GL Journal report.
    a. 2,500.00 X 3% = $ 75.00
    Pay Record WCB Earnings $ 2,500.00
    Pay Record WCB Premium $ 75.00
    b. 1,500.00 X 3% = $ 30.00
    Pay Record WCB Earnings $ 1,000.00
    Pay Record WCB Premium $ 30.00
  6. Add the WCB Earnings to employee's YTD record.
    a. 2,500.00 + 25,000.00 = YTD Total $ 30,000.00
    b. 1,000.00 + 69,000.00 = YTD Total $ 70,000.00
  7. Create a record in the WCB_VALUES table.
    This is the table that the WCB Report uses to report on.
    a. Set Earnings to 2,500.00 and Premium to 75.00
    b. Set Earnings to 1,000.00 and Premium to 30.00


The calculation is essentialy the same but can be more detailed depending on how many different Job Dept/Site combinations he/she worked at.
As the employee's earning transactions are being totaled (step 2 above) a list is created for each Dept or Site of the job(s) that the employee worked at.
The Total WCB Earnings is checked for excess each time a record is added to the list and, as the transactions are sorted by date, the latter days may have no WCB Earnings if the employee maxes out on the first days.
A separate record is added to the WCB_VALUES table for each Job Dept/Sitecombination.

Note: As the Pay Record currently has only 1 field to store the rate in then it will be the rate of the 1st transaction totalled.




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