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This module allows the user to print a report detailing employees who are away and not working by reading the Booked Days Off. This may be defined by pay period with numerous sorting/options to produce the report needed.This report is very useful when trying to determine how many/what employees have booked time off during a particular time frame (ie, in completing the Crew Manning).



The following must be completed:

Division number - number to identify the division to be selected.

Start/End Dates - a date range must be selected.

Report Options - information can be selected by various sorting options such as Seniority, Department, Company, Employee name, etc.

Department - if information is needed for a specific department, the department number is to be entered. This feature also allows for multiple departments to be chosen, by using the 'tag' function.

Show Days Off Only - select either Y(es) or N(o).

Employee Number - if information is needed for a specific employee, the employee number should be entered.

Job Number - the user may select by specific job(s).

Crew ID - the user may select by crew(s).

EE Status - A(ctive), O(n Leave), T(erminated), R(etired with Benefits).

Sample Report

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