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The Windows Client/Server 32-bit Version of the TimeKeeping / Payroll / Human Resources System [hereinafter called the System] was originally developed and implemented based on Microsoft's SQL Server running on Microsoft's NT Server. It has since been ported to also use Oracle or MySql Database back-ends if desired.

The front-end (client) applications have been developed using Borland's Delphi Client/Server Edition. The two sides communicate using Microsoft's ADO database connectiopn objects, Borland's SQL Links or Microsoft's ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) on top of the usual network protocols such as TCP/IP.

User access to the System is regulated using a combination of NT's own security authenticating its users, SQL's databases login security and Daybreak's built-in user/group/level-based access to the various menus and programs within the system. The latter is user-definable by the Payroll Administrator per site.



Any computer capable of running Microsoft's SQL Server 6.5 (or higher) or Oracle's SQL Server 8.0 (or higher) and configured adequately to allow sufficient performance for the number of user required.

In order to provide prompt technical and continuing user support, Daybreak Systems must be given the authority to connect to the Server with either a dial-up RAS (Remote Access Server) for Windows NT or a routed connection or a secured VPN (Virtual Private Network) via the internet. A userid/password with certain administrative rights must be provided. The ability to connect to the Server and workstations via Remote Desktop, VNC or PC Anywhere is definitely a bonus.

Network connectivity between the server and various clients and/or peripherals such as shared printers is assumed to be present.

Databases The Payroll database device size is dependant on the amount of data generated per site based on both your historical and future projected requirements.
Administrative procedures such as regular back-up, server/database administration and other critical/related duties are assumed to be handled by qualified personnel appointed by your company. Daybreak is available to assume this role if desired.


Generally, any PC running Windows95/98 adequately may be regarded as sufficient to run the System. However, in our experience with some of the machines being used at various sites, performance and connectivity are easily affected by the resources available and various loads being put on the machine, e.g. other applications (Windows) open, utilities/applets sitting on the taskbar like Office Manager, WinPOP, Exchange Client, etc..

Suggested minimum hardware requirements for a typical Windows95/98 PC are:

In addition to the System's application files (which will occupy approx. 100MB of hard disk space), the following software components need to be installed and properly configured:


This document attempts to summarize the technical requirements of the Windows Client/Server 32-bit Version of the TimeKeeping.Payroll.Human Resources System. However, as changes continue to occur within the System (as a result of new and/or modified specifications introduced by the company, the development team and/or other parties) these requirements may have to be adjusted accordingly.

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