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This module allows the user to browse/add/amend Records Of Employement (ROE). An export routine can export the ROE's to a file which can then be printed by the HRDC's ROE Laser printing program.

An option on the menu (HRDC How-To PDF) is available as a link to an Adobe Acrobat PDF document created by HRDC which describes how to fill-out an ROE. This option requires that you have Adobe's Acrobat Reader on your workstation. If Acrobat is not installed you should contact your system administrator to get it installed. The document name can be set on the defaults page and the document must be in the directory where the payroll manual resides.


The ROE Page shows the ROE information. When adding a new roe you will be forced to this screen if it is not currently displayed.

Browsing ROE's

When the ROE program is started it loads a list of any ROE's created to-date. Using the First/Prior/Next/Last buttons allows you to browse through the list (in it's current sorted order). Clicking the 'Find' button will display the list where you can locate a specific ROE by any of the columns. If you change the sort order (by clicking on a column title) then that is the order that the First/Prior/Next/Last will use while browsing.

Adding a New ROE


The Transactions screen shows the transactions within the ROE's time frame and indicates which hours/amounts are used for the ROE's totals. This screen will show data when you add a new ROE but will not automatically show the data when you are browsing the ROE's as the query it executes can be very time-consuming. Should you wish to view the transactions while browsing, click the 'Load Transactions for ROE' button at the bottom of the grid.


This screen is for information purposes only. It displays the employee's current status and related dates. When adding/editing a ROE the right-hand list will display information as to how the ROE was calculated.


The Default Settings screen allows the user to enter default values for selected fields that would be applicable to the majority of employees. When adding a new ROE these fields are transferred to the new ROE record where they can then still be changed if required. This option is especially useful if doing bulk lay-offs. This screen also has an option to Auto-generate ROE for multiple employees at once.


Click on the 'Options to Auto-Generate ROE's' button on the Defaults Screen.

This screen allows the user to set the criteria for selecting employees to auto-generate ROEs for. When the Accept button is clicked the program will generate ROE's for the selected employees using the default settings. The user can then review the ROE's and make any adjustments that may be required on an individual basis.


After you have entered the ROE(s) and are ready to print them then:

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