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The Seniority Retention Report is an employee listing with various options regarding seniority retention as stated within the terms and conditions of the Company's Master Agreement. This report will allow for effective tracking of seniority retention based on the last day worked. For example: an employee covered under the IWA Coast Master Agreement is laid off. If he has worked for the Company for over 2 years, his seniority retention would be in place for 18 months. If he does not return to work within that period, he is terminated after the 18 months has expired.



Division - number to identify the division to be selected.

Status - the employee status divides the database into different areas such as A(ctive), O(n Leave), T(erminated) and R(etired with Benefits). See 'Employee Status' located in Miscellaneous Tables, Pay Tables Tab for more information.

Department - may be selected department(s).

Employed As - allows the user to define the type of employee such as Permanent, Casual or All (including both).

Sorting Options - may be selected by Plant Seniority, Termination Date, and/or name.


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