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This program allows the user to print pay cheques, print direct deposit slips, print Statement-of-Earnings and email direct deposits. Printing/E-Mailing can be done as a batch or by individual pay record selection.


If no pay records are selected via the lookup list the program will process all pay records (for the record type selected) that are not marked as printed. If you want to print/email only certain pay records or if you encounter a problem while printing (ie; printer jams) and need to re-print then click the 'Select Specific Pay Records' button to display the list of pay records. You would then tag the pay records that you want to process.

Settings Screen

This screen allows you to set the options available when printing the pay slips and/or Statement-of-Earnings.

Direct Deposit Slips Layout

This screen allows you to fine tune the layout for printing the Direct-Deposit slips.

EMail Setup Screen

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