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This module is basically the Journal Entry program but will post the transactions immediately and the changes will be reflected immediately in the Employee Maintenance Vacation screen and in the YTD Vacation Pay Accrual Report. It's primary purpose is to allow for Vacation Year-To-Date adjustments to be made if they have not been done in the period prior to the vacation run.

After entering the journal entries and saving them the amounts are posted to the employees' YTD totals and the transactions are marked as Posted. If you have more entries to make, you can return to the same sheet date and add further transactions. When you save the entries only the new transactions that are not marked as posted will be posted. You will not be able to change any transactions that are posted so, if you need to adjust an amount that has already been posted, you will need to make another entry.

It should be noted that the transactions will be automatically marked as Manual Adjusting entries and consequently will not be processed in the GL Journal Voucher report.

If you use the Hours Inquiry report it will be necessary to set the Include Manual Adjustments to Yes to see these transactions.

You need to have 'E'arnings type pay codes setup with the related vacation flags set and the 'Adjusting Entry Only' checked on the opening pay code maintenance screen. Use the Pay Codes Maintenance program to setup the pay codes.

The following is a sample of a pay code set up for adjusting Vacation Earnings and/or Vacation Hours:


Go to Main Menu > Vacation Tab > Vacation Journal Entries



The Vacation Journal Adjust screen is exactly like the regular Journal Entry screen that you should be familiar with. For those employees requiring adjustments, follow the same routine as a regular journal.

Once you have completed all the necessary changes in the Vacation Journal Entry Module you can verify the updated vacation amounts by printing a YTD Vacation Pay Accrual Report.

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