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The FIR Wage Survey Report is used for those Companies participating within the Forest Industrial Relations Associations. The program allows you to define the information as required by the association and create cross-references to the payroll's paycodes for summarizing totals. An Excel spread-sheet is generated that can be emailed to the association or printed and faxed.



Start/End Periods - enter the specific time frame required.

Division - number to identify the division to be selected.

OP Unit Code - enter the code specific to your division as per FIR.

Address -enter division address.

Report Month -enter month to be reported on.

Ed Comment -additional comments if needed.

Completed By -name of administrator who produced the report.

Return To -name of contact person.

Set Permanent FIR Codes -attach the FIR code to the applicable pay code as specified by FIR.

WCB Assessment -enter WCB maximum assessment earnings (2000-58,000.00).

Click the 'Set Permanent FIR Codes' button to display the following list. This list is used to cross-reference the payroll's pay codes with the FIR codes. These are saved permanently so you do not need to do this unless you have added new pay codes whose transactions amounts should be included in this report. The FIR Cross-Reference Codes can also be set in Pay Codes Maintenance.


1.Number of Pay Periods - the number of pay periods selected will be listed.

2.Number of Hourly Employees - the number of all hourly employees consists of all employees listed in the Employee Maintenance without the status T(erminated) unless the termination occurred in the current payroll year, in which case they would be included within the count.

3.Total Number of Tradesmen - the number of tradesmen listed in the Trades field, located in the Employee Maintenance Section.

4.Number of Employees at Work - any employee who was paid using a pay code with a 'Worked Hours' pay code flag, will be listed.

5.Number of Tradesmen at Work - any tradesmen employee who was paid using a pay code with a 'Worked Hours' pay code flag, will be listed.

6 - 8. Total Number of Hours Worked - itemized into straight time, overtime, double time, and total hours. All worked hours within the time period selected will be listed in this field.

11.Of Which Casual Hours - the system will look at the Employee Status C(asual) in the Employee Maintenance Section. All worked hours attached to the Casual status will be listed in this field.

12 - 45. FIR Categories such as straight time payroll, premiums, differentials, statutory holidays, vacation pay, training, benefits, deductions, and total labour costs will be listed.

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